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KKM directly recruits skilled and non-skilled workers as well as trainees – especially from the Ukraine – for German companies. Our comprehensive support services are aimed at creating stable employment relationships to ensure sustainability and security for both employers and employees.
Our services include recruitment and placement services in the narrower sense, as well as consulting services for integrating foreign skilled workers into the German labour market.

Using a pre-selection process that utilises professional recruitment methods, we find suitable applicants for our German clients that meet their need for skilled workers.
As an employer, you benefit from our expertise on legal requirements and the current situation on the German – and, for example, Ukrainian – labour markets.

In close cooperation with Mayer Recruitment (, KKM has already begun recruiting well-trained specialists, allowing companies in Germany with a shortage of skilled workers to benefit from selective immigration in accordance with the new German Immigration Act for skilled workers from 2020 onwards.
During the recruitment phase we check the accuracy and completeness of the documents required for the German labour market.

In addition to finding an applicant with the right professional skills, we also ensure the applicant has the language skills necessary to work in Germany. (Depending on the applicant’s language skills, we organise intensive language courses in their country of origin. If required, applicants will receive a certificate stating their current language level after passing an examination.)

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